B-SENS is a spin-off company from the University of Mons in Belgium founded in 2016.
It capitalizes more than 20 years of intensive research and development activities at the forefront.
B-SENS designs and develops OEM temperature, strain & gas sensors based on optical fiber gratings. These full sensing solutions encompass:
  • Cascaded Bragg gratings in telecommunication-grade optical fiber
  • Specific coating and/or packaging for the target application
  • Multi-channel spectrometer-based data acquisition system(s)
  • Turnkey read-out software providing real-time data analysis and communication.
B-SENS sensing solutions are the ultimate choice for the reliable and cost-effective monitoring of various assets including furnaces, pipes, machines, buildings, aircrafts, wind turbines, among many more applications.

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Optical fiber interrogator from 8 to 64 channels with high performances.


A small optical fiber interrogator for high speed interrogation of FBGs.

(High) temperature

Temperature measurements up to 1050°C based on FBG sensors

Strain monitoring

FBG axial strain sensors for a large range of applications

Hydrogen detection

Fully customizable and easy-to-install hydrogen leak detector

Early flame detector

An early flame detector with all the FBG sensors advantages


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Boulevard Dolez, 31
7000 Mons

Our premises are located on the second floor of the building.